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Industries that have processes which involves the operators of machinery working in hazardous environments being subjected to harmful or deadly dusts and gases within the confines of an enclosed cabin have to take all possible precautions  to ensure the operator is only breathing clean safe air.

Harmful respirable dusts and noxious gases can enter the cabin either through the standard inefficient air filters or through many of the holes through which cables or pipes run.

Once the hazardous contaminated air is inside the cab there is no defense to stop the operator from breathing it in through out the course of the working shift causing potentially life threatening illnesses and diseases.

The solution to this health and safety issue is to install a bespoke designed hazardous air cab filtration overpressure safety system onto the machine to firstly filter the hazardous contaminants and then pressurise the clean filtered air into the sealed cabin to generate a positive pressure inside and therefore keeping all the deadly dusts and gases outside.

The Arctic Air solutions hazardous air cab filtration over pressure safety system is produced to a very high quality, manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and powder coated for maximum durability, complete with a digital cabin control unit to monitor, regulate and control internal cabin air pressure.

The new AA6 model can now be equipped with an optional course stainless steel washable mesh filter and optional filter restriction gauge to maximize filter replacement schedules by replacing filters based on filter restriction  therefore saving considerable amounts of money over competitors systems which are designed to end filter life on a time basis only.

The system will start automatically when the engine is started with the option to manually shut the system down if the machine is being operated outside of the hazardous area to help prolong filter life.

No operator intervention is required to operate the Arctic Air protection system ensuring the operator’s concentration is fully engaged with the task in hand.

The alarm status of low or high pressure will be shown visually and an audible alarm sounded to alert the operator. If a filter has not been fitted the system will shut down and again be shown to the operator on the Cabin Control Unit display, the fault can then be investigated ensuring the operator is protected at all times.

As an option, filter restriction levels can be monitored  and displayed  showing the operator  filter condition enabling the full life of the filter to be used and therefore optimising their replacement to ensure a more cost effective maintenance schedule.

A professionally installed cab filtration overpressure safety system can sometimes generate a pressure wave inside the cab when the door is shut  if the cab has been sealed efficiently, if necessary, Arctic Air Solutions can fit an option to de pressurise the cab when the door is being shut to allow correct latching of the door and therefore ensuring a perfect seal to maintain the cabs overpressure once the door is shut.

All systems are ATEX certified Category 3D equipment for use in Zone 22 environments where there is a risk of explosion giving further piece of mind that your operators will be protected in the most challenging of environments.

 Arctic Air Solutions have been dedicated to the protection of operators working in hazardous environments for over 30 years and can work along side your company to ensure your targets and goals are met.

If you have a requirement for operator protection that requires a bespoke installation or customised filter solutions  please feel free to contact us  or arrange an appointment at our workshop where you can test the benefits of a fully installed system.

                                                                 Breathing clean air with Arctic Air. 

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