Filter restriction monitoring

Arctic Air solutions offers an option to have  filter restriction monitoring added to your overpressure system which will indicate to the operator accurately when the filters need replacing based on the actual amount of contamination on the filters and the air flow restriction it is causing.

If you replace particulate filters based purely on time or machine hours alone you may be replacing them to soon before the life of the filter is over.

It is always advantageous to replace the filters when they are at the end of their life so as to maximize operational costs and allow the filter to reach maximum efficiency  to the benefit of the operator.

A particulate filter will increase its efficiency over a new filter as it becomes  loaded with particulate matter up to a point where efficiency then starts to  reduce after which the filter then becomes too restrictive for good air flow and could even allow contamination to pass through the filter media.

Our filter monitoring system allows the operator to maximize both the efficiency and life time of the particulate filters.

Air filter restriction gauge illuminated on two bars.
Air filter restriction gauge just above 50%.
Air filter restriction gauge showing seven illuminated bars.
Air filter restriction gauge illuminating seven green bars and two red bars.

The filter restriction gauges above illustrate a situation where the filters are gradually becoming more restricted until a point where the red LED’S are illuminated and the filters need replacing.

If  you would like to discuss your individual needs and expectations for cab filtration we will be happy to take your enquiries.