AA6 Cab Filtration Over Pressure Unit

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AA6 Filtration over pressure unit

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The Arctic Air AA6 cab positive pressure filtration system has the largest filter capacity of the models so far and is low profile for use on the cab roof  therefore allowing use where height restrictions could otherwise be problematic. 

There are many systems fitted across a wide range of industries where operators are benefiting from supreme protection afforded by high efficiency particulate filters and granular activated carbon filters where protection against hazardous gases and vapours are required, in addition the all new AA6 system has  the option to fit a washable stainless steel mesh filter to remove larger contaminants helping to protect the main filters further increasing their life and reducing filter replacement costs over competitors brands who’s equipment has been designed to alert the operator that the whole filter pack should be replaced on a time basis regardless of how restricted they are.

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Length 950 mm. Width 615 mm. Height 265 mm.

Weight without filters – 40kg

Weight with filters – 62kg