Arctic Air Granulated Activated Carbon Filters.

Working environments subjected to hazardous gases and noxious smells requires protection using a granulated activated carbon filter because it will reduce or eliminate the hazard to an acceptable safe working level

Arctic Air carbon filters are manufactured to industry standard EN14387 and so therefore ensuring complete peace of mind that you are protected by the highest quality filter available.

Heavy duty steel frame construction ensures the filter withstands the rigors of being used in plant equipment and during manufacture the filter is shaken at high frequency to eliminate air pockets and maximizing the quantity of carbon within the filter.

Patented design of the filter core uses individual cells to contain the carbon reducing degridation due to vibration and enhancing air flow through the carbon media.

Carbon filter adsorption efficiency varies dependent upon the hazardous gases concentration in air,relative humidity and temperature so therefore correct system design is necessary for good results.

Please contact us if you have any requirements for operator protection against hazardous gases and vapours.

Arctic Air Granulated Activated Carbon Filters.

The main types of Activated carbon for cab over pressure systems are types A,B,E,K,HG.

Combinations of the five main types of carbon can be used to protect against a wide range of substances typically volatile organic compounds,hydrocarbons,Ammonia,non organic substances,acids and mercury vapours including pesticides used in agriculture and hotrticulture.

We can supply carbon filters  to protect personnel within specialised riot, security and military  vehicles, agricultural crop and orchard sprayers,houshold waste recycling plants, landfill and composting industries to name a few.

Please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

High efficiency individual cell granulated activated carbon filter
Individual cell technology carbon filter.