AA8 Hazardous Dust and Gases Cab Filtration Overpressure Safety System.

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Cab filtration system

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The Arctic Air AA8 hazardous air cab filtration overpressure system has the smallest capacity and physical size in the range which is ideal for small machine cabs or situations where the preferred mounting site is on the side of the machines mudguard.

However the system performance is not compromised by it’s compact size because the air flow from the high output fan is very close to that of the larger systems resulting in very fast cab pressurizing times.

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Height  with combination  filter  fitted                          470 mm

Height  with  combination and  carbon filters fitted   635 mm.

Width 370 mm.  Depth 370 mm.                                                      

Weight without filters                                                             26 KG

Weight with combination filter fitted.                                 28 KG

Weight with combination and  carbon filters fitted.         38 KG