Hazardous dust in the rail industry.

There are many health and safety hazards within the rail industry and the hazard that Arctic Air Solutions was approached to find a solution for was deadly crystalline silica dust.

During track repair operations there is a lot of dust generated from the handling and movement of  ballast causing a health and safety risk to the workforce involved. Personal breathing apparatus can be worn track side but for operators of loading shovels,excavators, bulldozers and the track repair train where  operators are working in the confines of the cab an  Arctic Air hazardous air cab filtration over pressure safety system can be installed to supply the operator with clean fresh air.

Respirable crystalline silica dust is extremely hazardous and prolonged exposure can cause serious health issues such as  lung silicosis.

Please contact us if you have any requirements to protect your operators against hazardous dusts or  gases even if you work in an ATEX environment.