Standard Digital Cabin Controller

The Arctic Air hazardous air cab filtration over pressure system is controlled by a digital cab pressure controller which constantly monitors the interior cabs positive pressure and regulates it to maintain the pre set pressure alarm level therefore maintaining a safe environment for the operator.

Two alarm levels are available at either 100 or 50 pascals, if the pressure drops below the pre set level an alarm message is displayed and an audible alarm sounds.

If an over pressure condition of greater than 300 pascals occurs inside the cab a message is displayed and the audible alarm sounds to alert the operator.

A no filter detection alarm function will stop the system from working and sound the alarm to alert the operator that investigation is necessary.

A Digital cab pressure controller is essential in maintaining the efficiency of the over pressure system, as a result of sensing the cabs internal pressure filter life is extended while in contrast to a filtration system with no pressure sensing filter life will be significantly reduced.