No Protection in Komatsu/Fully protectedDoosan

Below are a collection of videos of machinery using Arctic Air hazardous air cab filtration overpressure safety sysytems.

Video which shows an ATEX Zone 22 environment which the operator is working inside fully protected by the Arctic Air overpressure system

Video showing the capabilities of an Arctic Air Overpressure system.

Serviced Overpressure system and old pre filter showing the efficiency of a correctly installed cabin pressuriser.

Composting Site Loading Shovels and Excavator fitted with Arctic Air over Pressure systems

Network Rail track repair train cab fitted with Arctic Air AA5 Over pressure system.

Arctic Air AA6 fitted to a FUCHS MHL 320 working in commercial waste facility

Caterpillar Demonstration cab with Arctic Air AA3 fitted with external status light and filter restriction gauge

An Arctic Air twin pipe AA4 fitted to a Liebherr 550 loading shovel working in a composting plant.