Liebherr in Composting Industries.

The mushroom composting industry in particular is a very large scale business in Ireland processing up to 50,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Composting is a natural biological process of decomposing organic waste material. Under the right conditions the micro-organisms naturally present in the organic waste multiply and metabolise the organic matter turning it into compost.

Some of these micro-organisms are pathogenic which generally means anything that can cause disease and therefore suitable controls must be put in place to protect employees who are exposed to them.

Operators of machinery in the composting industry may, depending on their task be exposed to micro -organisms or bio aerosols as part of the process, these respiratory sensitisers can cause asthma or similar lung related diseases such as Farmers lung, Mushroom workers lung and allergic rhinitis if exposure is excessive.

One of the main hazards for the human respiratory system is the thermotolerant fungus Aspergillus Fumigatis which is recognised as an opportunistic respiratory pathogen for immunocompromised people. Also dependent on the type of organic waste material being used to produce the compost chemical hazards can be present in the form of Ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide,and hydrogen sulphide all of which will be at concentrated levels inside the confines of the machinery cab.

Operators of machinery working in the composting industry can be protected by having a professionally installed Arctic Air hazardous air cab filtration over pressure safety system fitted to your machine. A correctly installed system will supply the operator with clean fresh air by way of a Pre filter, high efficiency particulate air filter and a granulated activated carbon filter at a positive pressure.

If you have any requirements for operator protection in the mushroom composting industry or any other industrial process where the operators of machinery are exposed to hazardous dusts,gases and vapours please contact us for a solution.